The hotel

Drive the 2km from the A61 Koblenz – Bonn/Köln highway to the top of the little pass overlooking the Laacher basin. As you cast your eyes over the broad, round expanse of the Eifel's largest “maar“, it's almost as if the lake was a great eye, winking back!

A natural conservation area encircles the lake in a protective embrace: its lakeside views, fields and woodlands, hills of ancient lava  and 900 year old monastery, radiating a spirituality which no-one could resist. This is a place of harmony.

Maria Laach: a place of holiness and a place of healing. A place to experience that regenerative power which has become so rare in our times.

The quality of contemplation – here to be discovered.

This charismatic coming together of nature and culture combines with  contemporary comfort  to complete  the unique atmosphere of the Seehotel.

Service of the highest quality: in the hotel; in the restaurant. The monastery itself - famous for its arable farming and animal husbandry; its orchard and its market gardening. The guest can taste the subtle difference.

At Seehotel Maria Laach your event will be one to savour!
Seehotel Maria Laach offers a rare degree of  excellence throughout: in the newly expanded educational area, designed for state-of-the-art conferences and seminars; in the energising and health-giving bathing area; in the varied cultural and historical riches of the monestry and minster. The heart of tradition and the pulse of the modern beat as one. Whether you plan to stay for just a few hours or several days: all are welcome here!
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