Nordic Walking / Biking

The Nordic walking route Maria Laach has been open since July 2004

The starting point for all routes is the information sign in front of the Seehotel Maria Laach.
Here Nordic walkers and hikers can choose between 6 different routes.  Two easy routes  at 4.1 and 5 km, two routes of medium difficulty at 8.2 and 10 km and two black, challenging routes at 11.1 and 21.1 km.
Our guests can use our Nordic walking poles free of charge (subject to availability)

New + + + New + + + New + + + New

For years our guests have been able to borrow hotel bikes and explore the nearby countryside with them.

Now we have E-Bikes for our guests! This extra support enables the cyclist to master the undulating paths around the Laacher See with ease and travel even further along the tracks and paths around Maria Laach.

€   8.00 per E-Bike (1 hour)
€ 15.00 per E-Bike (half a day)
€ 20.00 per E-Bike (a whole day)

We will be happy to give you more information at the hotel reception.

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