We want you to be successful
What reason could there be to change a company's trusted working environment with another's, except to consciously choose a new point of view?

New perspectives which help participants to tackle the things which are important!“

The focus is always on healing - and this is more than just “getting better“ - and healing the business and operative balance sheet as well.

At the Seehotel Maria Laach, besides having a professionally qualified background as a conference hotel, there are two more things we can offer:

Many are surrounded by it, but don't use it; don't recognise its creative worth. For us, it's about the ability to recognise its hidden signals.  About the outlooks and insights resonating within the glorious world of the Laacher See Valley.  About the environment for the sensibilities which nature reveals to those who understand how to read them, and who can relate the message of these symbolic image to feeling, thinking and acting within business.

The spiritual level of creation.  For work performance and imagination are part of the whole: body, spirit and soul, and the ability to see the old and traditional from a new angle and become engaged with the new and the modern. We can offer, perhaps, an alternative environment where your success might bear fruit... At least the right environment for your event!  


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You can reach the events office under 02652-584-511 or by email.

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16 highly specialised rooms
for conventions, seminars, conferences, meetings,
exhibitions and product presentations.

Free WiFi available throughout the hotel!
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