Café "Schilfbucht"

Our café is open daily from 2:30pm to 5:00pm

We have been developing and producing the most varied selection of cakes and gateaux for you in our own patisserie since 1865.
The employees and all service staff at our patisserie, where cakes and pastries are created by hand using traditional methods, give it their all every day to make your visit to Café “Schilfbucht“ a pleasant experience.

Let us win you over with our varied selection of cake and pastry specialities.
They are created with craftsmanship, skill, attention to detail and imagination all of which embody our ambition to aspire to something special.

We identify with concerns about a healthy diet
and, because of this, use mainly locally sourced raw materials
and highest quality fruit. We use no additives in our production process.

Modern craftsmanship and many years of experience have enabled us to create famous gateaux in new designs, alongside more traditional products,.

Enjoy our selection of at least 12 different, freshly created cakes and gateaux to go with your pot of top quality tea or coffee

A little tip:

For weddings, birthdays, communion, first schoolday and other special occasions, our confectioners can create “your cake“ tailored to your individual wishes in our traditional patisserie.  Our confectioners will be happy to advise you.
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